Research Programmes
  • Pre-Bagan Period
  • Tagaung Period
  • Mon Civilization
  • Ancient Rakhine and Mrauk-U Period
  • Bagan Period
  • Myinsai- Pinya-Sagaing Period
  • Taungoo Period
  • Innwa Period (1364-1555)
  • Nyaungyan Period (1358-1752)
  • Konbaung Period (1752-1885)
  • British Colonial Period (1885-1942)
  • Japan Period (1942-1945) & Post War Period (1945-48)
  • Post-Independence Period (1948-1962)
  • Post-Independence Period (1962-1988)
  • Post-Independence Period (1988-Today)

 The Department of Historical Research has as active ongoing programme of collecting documentary and non-documentary materials relating to Myanmar history, adding constantly to unrivalled collections on Myanmar history in Myanmar and other languages.

     In order to implement our objectives, the Department is composed of (3) sections. They are Research Section (1), (2) and (3). Research Section (1) incorporated library and archive and they are doing the acquisition of materials relating to Myanmar history from domestic and external sources, digitalization of the collected materials, information management and compilation of works on Myanmar history. The research works of the Research Section (2) is related to Western European History and Southeast Asian History and the Research Section (3) is doing the research associated with Pre-History especially primate.


  • Publications

    Myanmar Historical Research Journal, twice a year in June and December…

  • Our Services

    I. Library Timing
    II. Membership
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  • Function

    Archives AND Library (Inscriptions,Manuscript,palm leaf,Parabaiks,…)

  • Myanmar Historical Commission

    Department of Historical Research under the Ministry of Culture, has now published many Myanmar Historical Research Works of the Historical Commission members.…

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  • New Research Project

    The national races of Myanmar have residing unitedly in the Union of Myanmar since ancient time with a long history and culture of its own.…

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  • Research Programmes

    Pre-Bagan Period
    Tagaung Period & Myinsai- Pinya-Sagaing Period
    Mon Civilization
    Bagan Period
    Taungoo Period
    Ancient Rakhine and Mrauk-U Period …

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Department of Historical Research

On 2 February 2007 Universities Historical Research Centre was transferred to the Ministry of Culture and renamed as Department of Historical Research.


Present the monthly seminars with the cooperation of the other Departments in the Ministry of Culture from 2007 to now. …

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Diploma in Library Management

Texts and Contexts in Southeast Asia (2001). …

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Views and Visions in the Literary Heritage of Southeast Asia (2000). …

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