Our Services

Library and Archives in Historical Research Department are intended for the aid of the members of Myanmar Historical Commission and researchers from the department. Ph.D and master candidates and outside-researchers are also allowed to use this library. Also, the information which is requested by the Ministries and governmental organization are also provided.


Monday- Friday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Circulation Time (Issue/ Return) 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Library and Archives will remain closed on Saturday, Sunday Gazzetted Holidays.


Staffs from the department do not need membership fees.

Fees for the outside readers: 1000 Kyats per year

Fees for the foreigners 80 USD $ per year

Outside readers must bring NRC cards, (1) Recent photo and recommendation letter from the related department.

Foreigners must bring Permission from the Ministry of Culture.

Registered Member cards must be bringing in every visit to the library.

Registered Member card is not transferrable.


1. Member of M.H.C to Assistant Director

 10books Read only (1month)

2. Research Officer to Archive assistance-3

 5books Read only (1month)

3. Other staffs

 2books Read only (1month)

4. Outside researchers and Guests Read only

 (Borrowing not allowed ) 1month Read only

Remark- books or documents issued must be renewed at least once a month.

5 Kyats/ day will be charged for the overdue documents or books.

- Reference books can be borrowed by the Permission of the leader according to the periods or projects.

- Oral History Cassette Tapes are only for researchers from the department. Outside researchers are not allowed.


- Inscriptions, Manuscripts, Palm-leaf, Parabeik, Ink inscription, Microfilm and Photos etc. must be handled with glove.

- Only the most essential references and photos will be allowed to scan for the researchers and thesis writers.

- Scanning of a whole book or whole document is not allowed.

- Books and documents are not allowed to be photographed with digital camera.

Copying Charges


Per page 60 Kyats

The whole book normal fees

(a copy must be given to the department)


Per page 1 USD$ per page.


- For the purpose of copying rare documents, inscriptions and photos the permission of Director General is required.

- For the purpose of reading microfilm, permission of Director or Deputy Director is required.

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